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TOP DJ related YouTube channels to follow

Thumbing through the masses of content online in articles and video walkthroughs there is tons of content out there to learn and reference. More often, then not you may come across something youâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢ve seen that can help you advance in skill at your particular hobby or career choice. YouTube in my opinion is a great source in any capacity when looking for aid. In fact, before I even proclaimed myself to be a DJ I found research to be my best tool. Especially when it came to finding equipment and understanding technique when no one was around to help with the tough questions. After sharing popular and unpopular videos Iâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢ve liked over the years pertaining to anything DJ related. I figured I put a list together of some very informative and creative YouTube channels you can subscribe to that are well worth the watch.


Take a look at all the listed pages below. Subscribe to the channels you feel fit best and let them know how you found their page!


*No particular order.






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Of course we have to keep reminding you that our YouTube channel is a solid subscribe. Featuring DJ Blaze of DJ Booth DJs as the pagesâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢ host and presenter, this page has been active since late-2010. The channel provides the latest and greatest Technological advances in DJ & Production Equipment. Along with DJ Gear Unboxing videos, review videos, feature videos, mixes, DJ performance videos. The page is active in the community; they often release equipment or gear in Giveaways.

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One of the best choices in DJ Record Pool options is DJCity, the collection has been established since 2000, but their YouTube channel has been popping since 2011. Of course offering their subscribers and crew with tips & tricks, event recaps, routines, and Chris Villaâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢s Trends mixes. Though their biggest pull for the community is the support they give for those who subscribe to the Record Pool and page, Bedroom Sessions give users a chance to submit and upload a quick mix visual of them at work on the decks-usually recorded in a bedroom. Providing each DJ a chance to showcase their skills across the network of DJCity and the rest of the web. As well, Studio Sessions, somewhat similar but features well known DJs from all walks performing live. In the past theyâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢ve had some legendary names go-in exclusively for the show! Not stopping there, in a legit move to be recognized across the globe. They recently grabbed help from two of the top DJs from YouTube to expand the channel, adding DJ TLM (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and DJ Mojaxx VDJ (England). Making the channel an informative, creative mix of DJ culture all on one page.






Laidback Luke


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Known on the stage as Laidback Luke this Dutch House DJ has been around the globe a few times. Along with touring year round, producing, DJâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢ing, and practicing martial arts. Ranked at 20th place in previous, DJMag Top 100 DJ list.  This DJ is humble and upbeat oozing it out the screen as he answers tough questions, gives advice, tips to all his subscribers without a subscribe fee. Be sure to check out the in-depth tutorials or click play on his Vlog post for some industry insight, Dance music, DJ questions he answers.







(DJ ROB SWIFT of The X-Ecutioners)


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This specific channel has grown in a short amount of time and even with it being active since 2006, in the last year the page has really taken off in a great direction. Gaining a big scratch-DJ audience through the online community from aspiring scratchers to the most advanced. Rob Swift of the DJ battle group The X-Ecutioners instructs, gives advice, and challenges DJs all through video. The page consists of teaching technique, skill & styles, and even gives DJs a quick lesson on the history of the art form. You can expect to see 1-on-1 sessions (he records during teachings), Tour Vlogs, technique practices, how-to videos, and other insightful DJ knowledge drops that are great to obtain. Check out his “Brolic Army Civil War Battle for Supremacyâ€Â DJ Battle, itâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢s an online bracket style DJ battle that features scratchers from across the globe challenging themselves and the rest of the YouTube community while still receiving quality feedback and criticism.  







 This last one is a gimmie, but I find myself referring back to equipment pages plenty of times to answer my own questions or find out new info on pieces I may be playing out on in the future. All the YouTube channels for DJ equipment brands Serato, PioneerDJ, Roland, Native Instruments, Denon DJ, and other products you may use upload content pertaining to your gear all the time. Check out their pages and see if any of your equipment is being showcased, performed-on, or being walkthrough. There are usually informative videos on these pages a DJ can watch and appreciate in downtime. If you own any of DJ or Producer equipment take a moment to look over the brands page, see how much help they can offer you along with the great hardware.








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