X Best Microphones for the Podcast

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X Best Microphones for the Podcast



In modern times, we see a massive trend of podcast content on digital platforms. Podcasters invest their money in collecting high-quality gears to record the fine podcasts. This way, they can establish a huge following, brand name, and gain online authority. So if you are thinking of starting a podcast, you need to invest in podcast equipment. To start, you can review the perfect podcast microphones:

Shure SM57

Shure SM57 is a dynamic instrument microphone that can be ideally used for your podcast recordings. It is a small-diaphragm microphone and known for its quality mid to high-frequency response. Shure SM57 has a ‘bulletproof’ design that is recommended by the audio experts for its reliable sound abilities. So if you are looking for a microphone under a reasonable price tag, then you must check on the Shure SM57 microphone to get crystal clear recordings. It is a popular choice for both musicians and podcasters. It works quite well with music instruments and podcast gears.

Heil PR40

The Heil PR40 is one of the best pro podcast microphones. It is quite a popular choice for musicians due to its ability to capture a wide frequency range. Heil PR40 is an ideal microphone for podcasters as it works quickly to respond to human vocals. If you are looking for a nuanced, clear, and crisp sound recording, then Heil PR40 is well-suited to serve your needs. It doesn’t capture background noise because it’s a dynamic microphone. This way, you can save yourself from investing long hours editing the podcast episodes.

Samson Q2U

Samson Q2U is considered the best entry-level podcast microphone. It is an affordable option, which is less than a hundred dollars. This low-cost microphone offers good quality recordings. Samson Q2U comes under the category of dynamic microphones, and you can expect clear recordings with zero background noises. You can conveniently use this microphone even if you upgrade your podcast gears. It is an easy-to-use microphone. You just have to plug it with your computer device via USB. You can also use the XLR connector.

Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is a great podcast microphone because of its flexibility. You can use this microphone for a group record. It even works well for two-persons and solo recordings. The Blue Yeti microphone comes with three different condenser capsules. It is an easy-to-use microphone. You can either use outdoors or indoors. For a super recording, you just need to plug it with the XLR or USB. The Blue Yeti allows you to conduct live streamed interviews with high-quality sound.

Electro Voice RE-20

It is not a cheap option, but it is a high-quality pro podcast microphone. This microphone is solely cost for $400, and you have to pay extra to include other functional equipment. This high-cost microphone is quite known in the industry due to its best recording result. It has to offer you post-processed and clean recordings. That is because it attempts to capture sound flawlessly, and its transient response rate is also great.

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