I Got H8TAZ (Explicit)

I Got H8TAZ (Explicit)
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I Got H8TAZ (Explicit)

Strictly Biz aka @STRICTLYBIZ765


Posted: Feb 22 , 2018

Uploaded by: DJJohnny01

Description : $TRICTLY BIZ has been involved with numerous projects such as; MOB MUZIK MIX a compilation with a local group Contraversy; TWIZTED MUZIC MIX a compilations of artists from the local independant record label, TWIZTED MUZIC ENT. . Shortly after the release of the mmade alliances with NICK BEAM, the chief producer of TME and created is current album AGAINST LL ODDS. #UKNOWWHATITIZ
Produced by : NICKBEAM
Label/Production Name : MOB MUZIC

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