Throw It [Remix] (Clean)

Throw It [Remix] (Clean)
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Throw It [Remix] (Clean)

Scoob Da Dawg ft. B.o.B x Bando Jonez


Posted: Jul 30 , 2017

Uploaded by: DJJohnny01

Description : Hailing from Columbus, Ohio is Tyreece Henley a Hip Hop, Rap and R&B artist known by his stage name Scoob da Dawg. His immense passion and diversity allows him to experiment with various genres, while sticking to his roots and authenticity. With the flair and finesse of a true entertainer, Scoob delivers a dynamic punch in the spotlight and in the studio. Vibrating throughout several cities and states, his definitive music ignited a following of fans from California, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta.
Produced by : Scoob Da Dawg, Elliot Trent Co-Produced By Corey Mo
Label/Production Name : Tre$Law Ent.

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